Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little-Mini-Tiny Moe!

Who ever dreamt of having miniatures of your own miniatures?! Is it too much too ask especially if you already have the cutest littlest critters living in foot wide houses with furniture that you could barely handle?

I remember way back in 2007 when I asked my brother in law to take pictures of my sylvanian collection. My 1st Kodak digital camera doesn’t offer much feature then and I cannot get that studio-like feel for my sylvanian portraits. Fortunately, he got his brand new Canon SLR and his younger brother lend him his light tent and stand-alone flashes for a full product macro-photography experience. But just a couple of shots, he easily gave-up and let me do all the hard work. His major complain?? The tiny furniture pieces kept on falling and the figures are all wobbly-and-jiggly thus setting-up the sylvanians for a photo-shoot gained much frustration on him. Though it was my 1st time to hold that pricey black thing… I guess, I had a great time and did have some nice shots here.

Later that same year, I was surprised to see that there are smaller sylvanians in store and even smaller-than-the-smaller ones! (Hay, I have to work on my adjectives for this). I was hopping around in Suntec Mall in Singapore (more SF in SG here) when I came across a small shop just beside the huge Toys R Us store. They have lots of capsule toys that cost 2 Singaporean dollars each, so that’s around 60 pesos then. They have Naruto Action Figures, Gundam Robots, Hello Kitty and Disney Character Charms, some Kawaii Trinkets and lots and lots of other items that I can no longer remember! Did I ever wish for sylvanian capsule toys? Yes! Yes! Yes! and they do have them in Singapore! Aside from getting these rare items for less than a hundred pesos (that’s my cheapest SF), the excitement of trying to get the whole collection without having duplicates was such a nerve-wracking experience! Every time I turn the knob, I close my eyes and have my little prayer (please…please… bride&groom… please…). Hay… and He did answer my prayers!

The whole collection includes 11 figures:

1. Periwinkle Rabbit Bride and Groom (special items)
2. Cottontail Rabbit Family (Father, Mother and Sister)
3. Walnut Squirrel Family (*Father, Mother and Sister)
4. Macavity Cat Family (*Father, Mother and Sister)
*don’t have 'em yet =(.

Years later, a smaller-than-smaller sylvanian came along. It’s also from Singapore during my eldest sister’s trip there. Actually, she got it for her daughter Hannah, and later on gave up on my persistence and gave this toy as a (2nd hand) gift for me last Christmas . That’s why I was trilled when Bankee released the Juice Bar with Betty Blackberry this year. Couldn’t believe how accurate the pieces are when I was putting them side-by-side for this photo shoot!

And here’s my favorite scale of all time… the Little-Mini-Tiny Sylvanian Family!
Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog! Please leave your comments, ideas, anything and everything you crave and wish for the Sylvanian Families!


  1. I got the SF ice cream stand from a gashapon given by a friend and it is pretty exact right to the smallest details. Gashapons or capsule toys are fun to collect, but you're right, trying not to get duplicates can be nerve-wracking!


  2. Thanks Kittymama and Iceklicky for your comments. =).

  3. hi, i'm pretty desperate to get some of these figures.. do you know where you can buy them? I've tried ebay and googling but nothing shows up like the juice bar or ice cream stand that you mention... any help appreciated... (p.s i live in Australia so has to be an online shop...)