Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday Madness ~ SM 3day Sale

This is your chance to grab the new Sylvanian Items on the rack!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Sylvanian Items for February 2011

It seemed like Bankee heard my pre-birthday wish!
Here's the list of NEW Sylvanian Items out in toy stores today!

Birthday Party Set with Glynn & Gwendolyn Simpkins
Php 899.75
The New Arrival with New Mother Myrian Chantilly and Baby Jacques

Ingrid's Camping Set with Ingrid Blackberry
Php 1,199.75
Bike & Picnik Set with mother Roxy & son Renard
Php 999.75
School Dinning Set*
Php 749.75

School Toilet*
Php 499.75

School Music Lesson Set with Teacher Henry Bearbury
Php 849.75

St. John School*
Php 3899.75

Sycamore Cottage Starter Set with Sister Freya Chocolate
includes Dinning & Kitchen Items and a Bed
Php 2999.75

Babblebrook Cottage with Sparkling Fountain
Php 4,799.75

George Golightly - Silk Cat Baby Brother

And here's what i got myself as a pre-bday gift!
Delightful Doughnuts Set
Php 599.75
Crystal Carry Case - Chocolate Rabbit on Red Car
Php 349.75
*figures not included
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Fairy Tale Wedding

I’ve been in far away land and now I’m back to share with you my Fairy Tale Wedding!

As a child, I always dreamt on being in a fairy tale realm, with knights, princesses, fairies and nymphs. I imagine all the roses bloom in pink while the lavenders chase the morning breeze as I walk on the crystal clear blue water. So when I woke up, all grown up, I’ve transformed these childhood dreams into reality.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

ToyHubz Under Construction

My hands are both tied on 101 errands of a married life.

I’ll be back on December loaded with new blogs on Toys and Hobbies every week!
My apologies and sincerest gratitude to those who visited and followed my blog despite of my 3 month-absence.

I’m very excited to share with you a lot of things!
All about Toys, Hobbies and My Simple yet Fancy Life.
It’s ToyHubz!
Ciao! =).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fairy Tale and a Day

"Sometimes in the middle of our ordinary life,
Love gives us a Fairy Tale"

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Sylvanians in Store for July 2010

Yes! The Snow Warren Family is in the Philippines!

Trunk Elephant Family is also here for a big party!

New Field View Mill is ready for occupants.

Marita May Pleasure Boat anchored in Ayala Malls.

I have seen these new items out in Toy Stores in Ayala Malls.
So check them out!
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Thank You!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sylvanian Party 2010!

It was a 2-hour fun-filled experience with lots of freebies and new Sylvanian items! I had a great time 'cause I was able to take-home a lot of prizes from games like 'Bring Me' and 'Guess Who's That Sylvanian Family?'.  They also have puzzle game in which I didn't got much luck, sob! Hay, I can't contain myself... can't even decide how to write this post. Anyways... I'll just let my picture do the blogging this time.


Party Kiddos hands up for SF prizes!

Some got frustrated on the 'Who's That SF' game. Fortunately I was able to guess the new ACORN mouse family. Yey!

Nah, it's not a project. People gathered around to check each others picture pieces found everywhere (under the chairs, table, boxes, etc.) to get the 2-part match. It was a long yet exciting game! Sadly, I didn't win this time.

More puzzle and hunting game... "where's my match??"

Well, I gave up looking for my match and just focused looking for SF to buy.  It's harder than my Actuarial exam last May! Can't really decide which one.

And here are the newest items released on that day that made me super crazy.  I tried my best not to spend my wedding budget for them. Hehehe... just a few bucks.

Yep! It's here! The Regency Hotel for Php 7,000++!

I went home smiling like this all day while playing with my new SF items and freebies!

PS: I'll update this post soon with pictures of items I got from this party.
Sorry, I'm so pre-occupied with Aki, my 1 1/2 old Siberian Husky. It felt like having my own daughter, the only difference is... she howls. Awwooooh! =D