Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sylvanian Party 2010!

It was a 2-hour fun-filled experience with lots of freebies and new Sylvanian items! I had a great time 'cause I was able to take-home a lot of prizes from games like 'Bring Me' and 'Guess Who's That Sylvanian Family?'.  They also have puzzle game in which I didn't got much luck, sob! Hay, I can't contain myself... can't even decide how to write this post. Anyways... I'll just let my picture do the blogging this time.


Party Kiddos hands up for SF prizes!

Some got frustrated on the 'Who's That SF' game. Fortunately I was able to guess the new ACORN mouse family. Yey!

Nah, it's not a project. People gathered around to check each others picture pieces found everywhere (under the chairs, table, boxes, etc.) to get the 2-part match. It was a long yet exciting game! Sadly, I didn't win this time.

More puzzle and hunting game... "where's my match??"

Well, I gave up looking for my match and just focused looking for SF to buy.  It's harder than my Actuarial exam last May! Can't really decide which one.

And here are the newest items released on that day that made me super crazy.  I tried my best not to spend my wedding budget for them. Hehehe... just a few bucks.

Yep! It's here! The Regency Hotel for Php 7,000++!

I went home smiling like this all day while playing with my new SF items and freebies!

PS: I'll update this post soon with pictures of items I got from this party.
Sorry, I'm so pre-occupied with Aki, my 1 1/2 old Siberian Husky. It felt like having my own daughter, the only difference is... she howls. Awwooooh! =D


  1. Thanks for the great pictures, Kit! And I'm glad you won some prizes (aside from the freebies). Looks like I missed a lot that day. That being said, my Sylvanian hunt wasn't a bust either and I came home happy with what I got. :-) Will probably use them in a future post or just update my new additions page.

    The hotel actually costs PhP7500. Too bad they didn't think to release the butler and maid sets along with them. As I said before, the releases don't seem to come with a theme and that kinda makes it hard for the collector to complete a set before moving on to another. I have the Macavity family (striped cat) as singles from Japan, so I am having second thought about getting them. (By the way, they also have the striped cat mother with kitchen for Php649.75.) I did get the motorcyle-riding raccoons already. I just couldn't stay away, even without discounts, and even after busting my bank wide open with new stuff.

    Pakibilisan ang next post, Kit, hehe. You certaibly whetted my appetite for more. :-)


  2. Hahaha! I’ve scheduled to take the pictures this Saturday so I could post it on the same day. But, still got my fingers crossed. Little Aki, my playful Siberian Husky aside from being a great escape artist, she’s also a sneaky puppy. Can’t bear to see her chewing my sylvanians =(.

    I’ll try my very best, promise! I also have good news to all collectors… oops! Hahaha, gotta go before I spill it out with much excitement. Hehehe. See you soon! Thanks for the price updates and looking forward to see your post on your SG tour!


  4. kailan ko po collector po kasi ako

  5. saan po iyan mall po ba?

  6. Is That available until now?

  7. Hi, it's in KidzStation Greenbelt 5 held last Sunday, June 27. Unfortunately it's just a one day event but don't worry, Bankee is planning to have more sylvanian event this year. I'll post the details as soon as I get some updates from them. All new items featured above are available in big toy stores (Kidz Station, Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us). Thanks for visiting my site.

  8. I wish that watermill bakery is available in toys r us or toy kingdom thank you for replying my comment!

  9. how much the field view mill? pls. reply thanks