Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Fairy Tale Wedding

I’ve been in far away land and now I’m back to share with you my Fairy Tale Wedding!

As a child, I always dreamt on being in a fairy tale realm, with knights, princesses, fairies and nymphs. I imagine all the roses bloom in pink while the lavenders chase the morning breeze as I walk on the crystal clear blue water. So when I woke up, all grown up, I’ve transformed these childhood dreams into reality.

My fairy maidens in aquamarine and lavender grecian goddess gown

My flower pixies in rose pink princess cut gown

Our Signs and Symbols

The White Knight

The Snow Queen

My Shining Castle

Our Festive Garden Fete

The Glistening Night Sky

A Happy Ending
Once in our very ordinary life, Love gives us a Fairy Tale.
I had mine came true, how about you?

PS: On my next post, I’ll share with you some tips on how to prepare your fairy dream wedding (without a wedding organizer and a tight budget). It’s 99% DIY and 1% Luck. Ciao!

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