Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Sylvanian Items for February 2011

It seemed like Bankee heard my pre-birthday wish!
Here's the list of NEW Sylvanian Items out in toy stores today!

Birthday Party Set with Glynn & Gwendolyn Simpkins
Php 899.75
The New Arrival with New Mother Myrian Chantilly and Baby Jacques

Ingrid's Camping Set with Ingrid Blackberry
Php 1,199.75
Bike & Picnik Set with mother Roxy & son Renard
Php 999.75
School Dinning Set*
Php 749.75

School Toilet*
Php 499.75

School Music Lesson Set with Teacher Henry Bearbury
Php 849.75

St. John School*
Php 3899.75

Sycamore Cottage Starter Set with Sister Freya Chocolate
includes Dinning & Kitchen Items and a Bed
Php 2999.75

Babblebrook Cottage with Sparkling Fountain
Php 4,799.75

George Golightly - Silk Cat Baby Brother

And here's what i got myself as a pre-bday gift!
Delightful Doughnuts Set
Php 599.75
Crystal Carry Case - Chocolate Rabbit on Red Car
Php 349.75
*figures not included
pictures borrowed from

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