Monday, January 11, 2010

Love @ First Sight

I’m a miniature fanatic since I was a child. I remembered picking up some cake decorations in my friend’s birthday in Mc Donald’s and have the complete miniature menu (fries, hamburger and coke!). There were also times that I would disassemble my hair clips and bon-bons (hair trinkets for pony and pig tails) so I could get the small charms to be added to my miniature collection. Haha, I had this cup & saucer set from these bon-bons and my mom got mad at me because she just bought it a couple of days ago. I also got most of my things from junk foods. They have this cheap potato chips before that has free toys inside (like chairs, princess, bikes and all sort of mini stuff). It was so much fun living in a small world!

It was in 2002 when I first saw the Sylvanian Families display in Rockwell. It seemed like love at first sight and I could still remember how my eyes had glittered & my jaw dropped in so much amazement. I was in college then, and I couldn’t spend so much on other things other than books, lunch and some new outfit (since we don’t have uniforms in UP Manila). I contained myself just by looking at the SF display in malls once in a while. One day, while I was passing through the new SF stuffs, a salesman greeted me and gave me a limited SF Collection Catalogue. I was so happy then! I can no longer remember how many times I’d flipped those pages to look at those mini-critters again and again… and again.

After 3 years, I have forgotten my passion for SFs because of my demanding 1st job in medical research. Until, my elder sis gave me 5,000 pesos as my share from her big bonus. I don’t know how it came back to my mind so fast that I hurried to Rockwell without thinking twice. I bought my 1st SF --- the Primrose Nursery School with free Hazelwood Mice Twins.

After 2 days, since I still have some money left, I went to Robinsons Place Manila to buy the Primrose Hill Play Park. Then went back to Rockwell 4 days after to get my 1st Sylvanian Family --- the Cottontail Grey Rabbits!

Since then… for almost half a decade now, my critters are growing so fast that I can no longer tract most of their history (like when, where and how much I purchased them). Until last December when I had a lot of spare time, I dedicated a day for my SF Collection Inventory. After that, I just smiled, ignoring the amount I already spent and told myself repeatedly… “Life is short, might as well enjoy it while I still can (with my Sylvanian Families).”


  1. Hello! Moodswings here also from Manila!
    I didn't know that they had Primrose Baby Park for sale here locally! This set is great with Baby Primrose Windmill and this is also available here! They still have stocks in Rockwell and Toy Kingdom Makati.

    Is this set(Primrose Baby Park) still available here? I wanna check it out!

  2. Hi there,
    I think it's no longer available here. Got it in Robinsons Manila in Nov 2005 and it only cost 1,399 then. The SFs were so cheap back then and felt like most of the items now are overpriced (especially the Flair version).

    Yeah, I also got the Windmill in Singapore 3 yrs ago for $99 SD and completed the whole set (Baby Bath Tub & Playpen) few months after.

    Hope to see you soon with KittyMama!