Monday, February 1, 2010

SF Experience in SG!

It’s been 3 years --- I still feel the excitement I had when I went to Singapore. Apart from being in a place too far from home for the 1st time, the mere thought of Sylvanian Families makes me giggle in excitement.

March 11, Sunday: When I arrived in the airport, the only thing on my mind was the nearest mall where I can buy SFs. Unfortunately their airport was so far from any establishment thus with no much choice, I headed to Sentosa to attend the business forum of AIA.

March 12, Monday: An angel in disguise came up to me during our breakfast in Shangri-La where we stayed. She’s one of the organizer of the event and fortunately the manager of AIA-Singapore. She asked me if the food is ok and if we have slept enough for the day’s event, until we talked about SF. With so much luck, her 2 daughters also collected SFs and she even uses her office to store some of the big boxes of SF houses & buildings since they no longer fit in their apartment.

March 13, Tuesday: Again, I had breakfast with her and she had given me a big map of Singapore. She encircled all the places where I can find sylvanian families and even gave me a tip on where I can find rare SFs! She’s so incredibly good, and I can’t thank her enough for that deed. I’ll forever treasure it together with the map that she’d given me.

March 14, Wednesday: At last, the event is over and I already have all the time in the world for SF hunting! From Sentosa, I traveled to Kampong Eunos where I stayed for another 5 days. My 1st stop was in Toys R Us in Vivo City along the Harbour Front Walk.

I bought the Primrose Windmill, Ring! Ring! Pizza Store & Vegetable Stand. It was a Sylvanian Haven! All the SFs I could only see in web were at my very grasp. The only problem… I don’t have enough money to buy all of these at the same time (even my credit card limit is not enough then) and I don’t know how to bring them home to Philippines!

March 15, Thursday: It’s my 2nd day for the SF Toy Hunt. Though I was alone in this escapade (since my friend had to work until Friday), it didn’t discourage me a bit to wander in Singapore --- just with my Treasure Map on hand, I was riding MRTs, waiting for buses in specific bus stops and walking long roads to find my lost critters. All these nomadic experiences paid off when I landed on Suntec City Mall and found these littlest critters in capsules! It cost 2 SGD per capsule and has 11 figures in all. It was a heaven-sent-luck that I almost completed the set (except for Father Fox & Father Squirrel, sniff!) including the special item! The newly weds Periwinkle Rabbit Bride & Groom! I wouldn’t trade my littlest critters for anything! It was the fruit of my hard work & lots of luck (watch out for the pics on my next blog, got a hard time taking pictures of them coz they are ssooo small!).

March 16, Friday: After the 2 day-SF hunting, I temporarily dislodged myself from my SF addiction. I don’t want to get bad Karma for being so luxuriantly selfish, hehehe. So I went to Lucky Plaza to buy “Pasalubong” for my whole family, friends & officemates. Then I went to SG tourist spots like Underwater World, Night Safari, Esplanade...except for Jurong Bird Park (i'm kind'a Ornithophobic!).

March 17, Saturday: It’s my last day of shopping (sob, sniff!) since I have to leave early the next day for my morning flight. I followed my handy treasure map again. I wanted to go to Takashimaya where my Ate Ajie’s friend used to buy SF for me but since it’s far from the area, I decided to go to Seiyu. The items there were a bit expensive (it’s like Rustan’s and Rockwell Mall here) but it has the rarest finds! Got madly in-love with the pink house with rainbow fountain and sweet shop with magical cake. Sadly, I already spent my pocket-money and didn’t have any space left for another big SF box in my luggage, so I end up buying the rare Japanese Bedroom set (for my Panda Exchange Student from China).

March 18, Sunday: I went home. I hand carried all of my SF toys coz i want to keep all my collection in super mint condition.

It was a trip I’ll never forget for I have found the best ‘pasalubong’ for my sylvanian critters --- waiting for me back home.

That's me in white blouse 3rd to the last guy in 2nd row while my lucky angel is on the other side in black sleeveless dress waving happily.


  1. Wow never seen so many SFs for sale! I hope we will also have wider range of SF items here! Thank you for sharing such useful information! I think there are also many SFs at Bangkok. =)

  2. Yeah, so we don't have to go somewhere else to buy SFs. I love to go to Bangkok for their Sylvanian Restaurant! Thanks for the comment & ur regular updates on new sylvanian toys. Hope Bankee will release more stuff this month.

  3. Kit, the SF restaurant in Bangkok has been closed down, the last I heard. Looks like we really have to go all the way to Japan for our restaurant fix.


  4. That's sad... well, let's just hope they re-open somewhere in Asia very soon. Singapore would be the best place, i guess... what do you think?