Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stuck on my Dilemma

It’s been quite a while since my last post here. Well, I guess, my OCD strikes again… Big Time!  I’ve been obsessed tracking down new sylvanian items and even old sale items all over the metro. I’ve been mall-hopping and always go home with small trinkets and mini-stuffs, which I still don’t know what to do with them. I bought some paper cutters, artsy-craft puncher, oil paints and other stuff that are just adding-up to my messy bulk of craft materials =(.

I was spending much on things that I don’t use and almost forgotten my sylvanian families. I planned on finishing my photo-blog but always end-up doing other things like biking with my niece and nephews, beating my 42 flags in Plants vs Zombies Endless Survival mode, cooking for new recipes I’ve Googled during weekends, post-editing my favorite nephew’s photos for the commercial audition and mostly just plainly stuck on my favorite sofa for a day-long TV marathon of CSI and The Simpsons. Aside from these, I still have one medical journal to finish and an inch thick Risk Management book (boring!!) to read for an exam due on May 14, not to mention my massive To Do’s for my wedding preps.

Hay… I need a break! Maybe some KitKat will do some trick, or maybe some sweets or fruits will make me slow down a bit and rearrange my crowded thoughts. AHA! Another (want) to do’s: polymer clays! After my 2-month compulsive-obsession on 1:12 scale foodies for my sylvanians out of polymer clays, my excitement suddenly dispersed in oblivion after realizing that they are filling-up my cabinets and chomping through my savings. So I stopped from clay-shopping and unfortunately also lost my desire to create miniature projects.

Then just last week, while googling for some ‘nice to know’ on miniatures, sylvanians and bikes, I came across on cool blog sites of polymer clay miniaturists, and that rekindled my desire to do mini-projects again. My fiancé is bugging me to sell those items on-line to force me to do it regularly. He’s even drafting a business plan for that mini-business (haha!). Well, maybe I can do that in the near future, but for now, I’ll start molding food pieces again for my sylvanian families. I can already feel the pressure from Mother Teri Chocolate. She needs a lot of foodies for her sylvanian KITchen. Ooops! Did I just said that? Well… let’s wait and see. Thanks for reading my dilemma.

PS: What's wrong with the photo-uploader today? It took a century uploading and still no luck hence this text-loaded blog. Well, I'll just feature my sylvanians and polymer creations on my next blog. :D


  1. Hola!!!
    Me ha encantado encontrar tu blog!!!
    Espero que te animes y sigas haciendo minis.
    Buena suerte en tu examen.
    Disfruta mucho con los preparativos de tu boda.
    besitos ascension

  2. Hi Kit how are you? I'm looking forward to see your polymer creation. Atchi Kittymama also told me about this. We can't wait to see your next post!

    BTW, Kit, I have a favor to ask... I'm dropping by at Singapore this June. Can I ask the locations of SF hunting sites? I want to check them sana...

    You may also email me / add me at ym:

    Thank you in advance!

  3. @Ascension: Thank you for your best wishes! I also had a great time browsing your blogs of minis.

    @Moodswing: Surely, I'll check on my Singaporean 'treasure' map. Where are you staying ba so I'll know where to lead you on. I was in Sentosa and Eunos before.

    I'm also excited with my polymer foodies, hope I'll have enough time this looong weekend to bake, photograph & post 'em all. =)