Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back-Packer's Kit

Whenever the summer heat draws near, colleagues and friends are gathering up on my desk for my adventures and nifty tips and tricks on the places I’ve been. Though it was a bit tiresome repeating my stories all over again --- every summer, the worse part is forgetting the basics of my yearly travel. =(.

As a child, March is my most favorite month. Aside from my birthday on its first week and end of school year on its last week, the best thing for me is my summer escapades! I grew up travelling and exploring different places, though I prefer water than land, I also enjoy climbing mountains and getting trapped in narrow caves =D. I wasn’t a PRO on travelling and neither I wanted to be one. I just love enjoying the other side of the horizon apart from traffic and all types of pollution in the metro.

I grew up and still living in the busiest and most urbanized city of the Philippines --- Makati. Being the country’s business capital where all sort of leisure and comfort are just a bike ride away, it is also the Hub of Heavy Traffic (especially on 3-day mall sale), Rally and Protest (arrgh! It’s election season!) and Street Parties (Name it, we have it all here!). Thus, having all of these catastrophic phenomena (called ‘progress’) 24/7, makes you jump off the cliff and dive into the abyss once in a while (and even hide in caves to hibernate =P).

A shot of Intercon Hotel from roof deck of Glorietta Mall

My 1st out of town (as far as I can remember…) is in San Fernando, Pampanga. It’s my 1st summer vacation away from home, and I was just 5 years old then! I spent 1 whole month with my elder sister in our aunt’s house. After that, I was a regular backpacker in all outings and excursions, wherever and whoever it may be, as long as I have my mother’s permission.

When I got old enough to organize my own trips it became less of a routine and more of a mission to explore the places I have only seen in Lifestyle channel and pages of a travel magazine. With my friends, and mostly with my fiancé, my travel around the archipelago became a lot fascinating and exciting!

So before old age corrupts every single detail of my sometime fancy, exciting, scary, overwhelming, weird but always rewarding travel, I decided to sit down and gather all my memories with the help of my old and digital pictures to create photo-blogs and share with you my Back-Packing experiences!


  1. Me ha encantado viajar contigo, aunque sea solo viendo fotografias!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Thanks, hope you can see these magnificent sceneries for real too!