Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My 'New Toys for Less' Adventure!

It was my first time to Open a Mall! Literally? Yes!

Last March 19, I filed a vacation leave from work just to wake up so early to catch the first 2-hr sale of SM Mall in Makati. The mall opens at exactly 10:00 AM and I was there with my equally enthusiastic mom and aunt at 9:30 AM! To my surprise, there were a lot of people who are already there (much earlier than us!) waiting for the mall to open.

We’re allowed to wander just in the lobby area cause the elevators and all entry points are secured by guards. After we had the Morning Prayer and National Anthem, we were asked to wait for a couple of minutes because it’s not 10:00 yet (grrr!). It was freaky and weird to see their frowning faces due to boredom of waiting for hours, some of them are shouting at the guard to open the steel doors and let us pass! It was also funny when the bell rang as the signal of 10:00 opening. We’re like athletes getting ready for the big run!

And so we ran… like crazy shoppers. Most of them didn’t know where to go first, not realizing that they have already wasted some precious minutes running in circles. Well as for me, I went straight to Toy Kingdom in 3rd floor to grab all the sylvanian items I have on my list, which I have prepared and revised a million times weeks before this BIG Sale =D. And here they are! All at 19% discount!

PS: I spent like an hour choosing nice boxes. My fiancĂ© is my biggest influence on this! He’s collecting Transformers, but unlike me, he doesn’t open nor play with his collection thus keeping all the boxes in super mint condition is really a must. As all TF fan and ebay shoppers say ‘It’s SIMB!’ (sealed in mint box). Though I do open my sylvanians and play with them right away, I became keen in choosing SF items in super mint box condition too! =).

I got this Luxury Bedroom in Eastwood just to have the free Sylvanian 2010 Calendar. It's sooo cute!!


  1. us collectors call them MISB - mint in sealed box =)

  2. Thanks for that note, hehe, I have juggled the words. Thank you for visiting my site.